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iOS Games

Yes, there are a lot of great games for iOS.

If your iPhone is good for anything, it’s definitely good for your technological needs. You really cannot deny how much your techie world has changed just because of your iPhone. No longer do you have to suffer the disadvantages of poor display, less-than-satisfactory device performance, incompetent after-sales service, and other disadvantages which you had to endure and live through with your former phone. On that note, you’re really feeling the truth of how buying that iPhone was one of the best decisions you had ever made.

Moreover, even in terms of boredom-busting solutions, your Apple gadget is also a very good answer to your problem of getting bored easily. This may surprise your shopping-crazy mind, but your gadget is not just good for scoring mind-blowing discounts through your AliExpress coupon and promo codes. You’re also not limited to looking for the latest voucher code for Lazada Philippines. You can play a lot of fun games on your gadget, too. And no, these games are not just for kids. Like the Zalando coupons that you use for shopping online, you can also use discounts for purchasing items on an online game.


Top iOS Games

rpgAre you into RPG games? You might want to try out the much-awaited follow-up to the fun and engaging Knights of Pen & Paper – the game called Galaxy of Pen & Paper. Maintaining all the elements that made you fall in love with Knights of Pen & Paper, Galaxy also allows you to try out a lot of new elements, such as participate in space battles, branching stories, and planetary exploration.

If you enjoyed Monument Valley 1, then it might excite you to know that now there’s actually a game called Monument Valley 2. Keeping all the minimalist graphics and great music from the first one, what Monument Valley adds is the possibility of controlling a second character, plus splashes of color and light.




Are you a fan of The Walking Dead series? Well, Telltale Games has developed an extension game for that, and it’s available for your iOS gadget, too. If you’re into a lot of adventure games, then this is definitely the game for you. So get those fingers practicing for the next zombie you’re about to kill, because really, you can’t be too careful. You can get an anniversary coupon code to purchase the items on the game.

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