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The iPhone: Some Truths, Please

Here’s some much-needed truth about your iPhone

storeIn a world that’s so full of lies and deception, you’d probably give anything just to be told the truth, right? You’ve tried to get some truth from your ex-boyfriend, and you really thought he was serious when he said you were the only one on his mind. But then, look where that truth got you now – nursing a broken heart, because as it turned out, you really weren’t the only one. You’ve tried to get some truth from your boss at work, when she said you were due for a promotion in a few weeks. You kept hoping and waiting, but the promotion never came, and you found out that it was given to someone else instead. So yes, everyone understands and empathizes with your overwhelming need for the truth. If you can easily get discounts online such as Agoda voucher code or Lazada coupon codes, buying an iPhone would be a different story.

What about the truth about your device? If you’re using an iPhone, then most likely you’ve also been told so many things about it. The likely consequence of this is that with everything that everyone’s telling you, you may find it difficult to choose which ones to believe. Well, worry no more, because here you’ll find a good set of facts, honest-to-goodness truths about your precious iPhone. (Much similar to your Lazada voucher code for new members which has never failed you before, this won’t fail you, too.) When you want a cheaper internet service, you have to search internet providers. But if you plan to buy a phone, you might want to consider an iPhone. Then buy accessories for your phone using zalando lounge discount or amazon coupons.


timeFacts About the iPhone You Probably Didn’t Know

First fact: the iPhone won the Device of the Year award of Times Magazine in the year 2007. This is an award that’s highly coveted, mainly because it’s really prestigious. Its prestige lies in the fact that many other device developers compete for it, thus making it a really difficult battle, but hey, your iPhone won the award.

Second fact: in the time of its famed release, so many people flocked from all over, just to be able to purchase and get a hold of the iPhone. Thus, it came to be known as the Jesus Phone. Similar to Jesus who had a lot people who wanted to meet him and witness miracles in their own lives and the lives of others, people went to the countries selling the iPhone just to be able to get that same experience promised by Apple.

Third fact: since the Apple store came into existence in the year 2008, developers have been able to rake in over $60 billion in earnings. This means that the iPhone, and the Apple stores that came along with it, has also contributed so much to the growth and expansion of the IT industry. In more ways than one, there really have been a lot of improvements, because of the iPhone.

Fourth fact: about 49% of iPhone users sell their old iPhones before buying new ones. This can be likened to how you make sure you get AliExpress coupon and promo codes before you buy anything from AliExpress. Before you buy a new iPhone, why don’t you sell your old one and save more in the process? It does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

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