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Using Your iPhone

How do you maximize your use of your iOS powered gadget?

gadgetSure, there are a lot of benefits that you can experience because you finally decided to switch to the iPhone. You can probably enumerate its many benefits and talk about better system performance, it’s more organized, improved device resolution, and a number of other strong benefits. You can use your Lazada coupons when buying a new mobile phone online. You don’t have to worry for your budget to pay your bills and “10 jaar zorgverzekering” or 10 years of health insurance if you use discounts when purchasing online.

Think about it this way: it’s like discovering that you can actually shop on Lazada and get a huge discount by using a voucher code for Lazada Philippines. Or, you can also think of it as booking your family vacation to Amsterdam, and you get to score cheap tickets for Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam.  You can use the Amsterdam city sightseeing map to move through the city without any problems. Those are benefits you can’t just ignore. By the same token, you can definitely not ignore the many benefits of using your iPhone. But wait, there are probably things you might need to know, especially in terms of secret tips to make you use and enjoy your gadget better.



iOS Tips

heysiriFirst thing you can try out is to ask Siri to send a message or call on WhatsApp. You can ask Siri to do something very specific like, “Send a message to Andrew saying I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” You can even ask Siri to do this just by saying “Call Andrew” and Siri will immediately make the call for you, without you having to go to the app. Talk about hands-free devices, right?


Here’s another cool thing you can do with Siri: use Siri to call an Uber for you. You can get rid of the unnecessary burden of having to go to the Uber app and let Siri do all the dirty work for you. So the next time you need a ride home, you already know what to do. You simply have to say these magic words: “Siri, get me an Uber home.” Then, wait for Siri to do the magic for you. But of course, if you want to avail discount by using uber code, you may need to manually input the code yourself.

Did you know that your Photos app can actually look through your photos and keep categories of the objects found within in your photos? You can actually search for objects found in your photos by simply keying in your keywords in your Photos app. For example, if you’re looking for a bottle, then type ‘bottle’ in the search tab, and your Photos app will look for photos containing bottles in them. If you want to search for your photos when you went to madame tussauds in netherlands, just type in ‘madame tussauds‘.

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