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iOS for Developers

Developers should think of switching to iOS, really.

iosTrue enough, the iOS has changed so many things in everyone’s individual lives. You simply have to think of how you’re no longer stuck with low quality services, low quality applications, and low quality functions, because you switched to iOS. You probably catch yourself always saying a mental prayer thanking the heavens for Steve Jobs, because he invented the iPhone and all its benefits along with it.


It is a lot similar to how voucher codes have changed the world’s shopping experience. First of all, you no longer have to suffer the agony of long lines and high prices. You can now shop in the comfort of your home, at lower prices, too, thanks to your newly-discovered voucher code for Lazada Philippines. Also, in terms of travel, you’ve discovered the magic of looking up these keywords: ‘Klook promo code Disneyland Hong Kong’. Really, shopping is no longer the same, and the self-same statement may be said about your experience with the iOS. You can easily book a flight for “herfstvakantie” or autumn break just by using your phone. All the more if you’re a developer, and you’re going to find out why.


Benefits of Using iOS for Developers

gamingIf you’re a developer of any app or game, then you have to know the the iOS app quality is much more desirable compared to the Android. If you think about it, the Android apps do outnumber the iOS ones. But this consideration only takes into account quantity and not quality. If you’re looking for quality, then you really have to switch to iOS.


Second benefit of iOS for developers: you can kiss carrier data goodbye, with iOS. Whereas Android apps carry a lot of third-party data which only result to a less than efficient experience with your process, Apple apps don’t allow these third-party data. Thus, you can definitely enjoy a more user-friendly experience.




The third benefit is a complemented user experience. Have you ever noticed how Apple users always have to upgrade to a higher and more updated version of iOS? This might seem to be a burden to some, but it is actually a good thing. This is good because it assures you that Apple is always upgrading their system. Some tech bloggers write reviews about iOS. They build a website and buy unlimited traffic to get a lot of visitors.

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